Biodiversity loss

Biodiversity means different and diverse species of animals and plants. Loosing these would mean animals becoming extinct or critically endangered.
Lots of animals have become extinct in the past. Some were because of habitat loss, while others are caused from being hunted down or sold.

One example is the Tasmanian tiger (or Thylacines) which was said to have been extinct since 1936. There was an estimate of around 5000 Thylacines in Tasmania at the time of European settlement. However, due to habitat loss, disease and hunting, these numbers rapidly dropped.

Another example is the tiger. Already, three species of the tiger are extinct. Tigers are endangered because of illegal killing, habitat loss and their shrinking food supplies. Many people hunted tigers and made their fur into rugs or kept their skin as a trophy. It is thought that tiger bones are a cure many diseases and can cost up to $75 or $115 per pound.

Loosing these animals would be unbelievable and that is why we should ban deforestation, stop hunting animals as trophies to keep illegally and help those that are already endangered.


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Other blogs

After visiting other blogs, I noticed how different and interesting they all were! All the blogs have different designs and lot’s of people have similar interests as me. There was also a big range of different genres of books people like; some people enjoy humour, others enjoy animal books or factual ones.

Everyone’s style is different and it’s really fun and interesting to explore each one. It’s like looking at the world differently and listening to stories you’ve never heard of. They have different talents and hobbies which is what makes us all unique.



I think that the comments #2, #3, #5 and #8 were really effective because they made sure their grammar was good and spelling was correct. They also stayed on topic and didn’t use text language such as ‘lol’ or ‘gr8’.

Some of the comments weren’t effective because they went completely off-topic, didn’t check their spelling or grammar and used text talk all the way through. The posts probably weren’t about “my annoying sister” or “my adorable puppy”. Some of the comments didn’t have full stops and #7 wasn’t very clear. It just said “I really liked your story” and that was pretty much it.

Country of focus!

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Cambodia is in the south of Asia, with Thailand to its west and Vietnam to its east. Along with most of Asia, Cambodia is located in the northern hemisphere.

The capital city of Cambodia is Phnom Penh, which has been the capital since French colonisation of Cambodia and was known as the loveliest French built cities in the 1920s.

Cambodia’s population reached to 15,288,489 people in March last year. 90% of people speak Khmer in Cambodia; after Vietnamese, Khmer is the second most spoken Austroasiatic language. If you’re buying something in Cambodia, you can use the Cambodian riel.

Australia helps Cambodia in 3 main ways; 1. access to infrastructure, 2. agricultural productivity and 3. better health and education. Did you know? Birthdays are not traditionally celebrated in Cambodia. And if you like burgers, there has never been a McDonalds there either!

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200 word writing challenge

The Frozen River

It was a warm morning when I decided to go out for the day. There was a large, flowing river that surrounded our village island and I took a small boat out of our shed, then I rowed onto the mainland to explore.

Tall trees towered over a soft, moss-covered forest ground and I walked further into the woods, stopping to admire the amazing flora and fauna in the area. The consequence was the sky grew dark and I realised that I had to get home. Luckily, I had a good memory of all the creatures I met along the way and found my way out of the woods before nightfall.

However, it started to snow and I hurried faster through the woods. When I arrived at the river bank, my boat was covered in thick snow. The river was too cold to swim in and the wind blocked out all sound. Great! I thought grumpily and making myself kick the ground. I sat on the frozen ground as the wind howled. Then, I realised something. Frozen… The river was frozen! So I walked quickly across the river, arriving home in a high spirits and with an experience.